Saturday, July 6, 2013

Drop Ship Guide Review - Salehoo

Despite the downturn in business, online sales are growing three times faster than the regular store sales.  If you are thinking of starting a business, an online business from home is where you want to be.  

 Start that business from home and soon you can fire your boss.  You can  have unlimited income potential with little or no start-up costs.  

SaleHoo is where you want to be.  Their online course will help you build your online business and avoid every possible mistake.  They know how to deal with buyers from hell and suppliers that will scam you.  You can trust their tested information and training.

Find out what buyers are looking for.   Find the buyers looking to spend more money.  SaleHoo  tools will help you spot trends.  And you will find the best places to sell.  You can build your business on solid data.  SaleHoo  tools will help you evaluate every step of your sales plan and business.  No more guessing.

Learn how to make the best profit on items you sell.  Learn where to sell and how to find buyers. Make money on those best selling, high profit bulky items. And find out the best ways to ship even if your items are bulky or you have to ship out of the country.  Need customs information?  We’ll show you where to find it.

Learn how to drop ship any product you can think of.  Choose from 700,000 companies.  You can sell products without buying them, storing, and shipping.  Products are shipped directly from the company.

Cut the time you spend on your business but keep perfect records.  A well organized business is easier to run.  You may even decide to outsource some of the work.  

Learn how to stay in touch with your customers.  What should you have in every email you send?   When do you have to contact your customers?  Learn how to avoid refunds with good communication.  Do you need a newsletter?  

  By participating in the Salehoo forum, you can get expert advice from experienced sellers.   Their forum is a great place to hang out and swap tips. Don't learn from your mistakes.  Ask your questions and get good advice.  Good encouragement too when you hit a snag.

SaleHoo will direct you to drop shippers, manufacturers, wholesalers and liquidators for every type of product imaginable. You name it, they have a supplier for it.  All SaleHoo suppliers are verified legitimate, and our comprehensive review system will dish the dirt on dishonest dealers before you hand over your cash.  We have over 8,000 of the world's best legitimate suppliers.

The Salehoo support staff is  standing by to lend a helping hand any time you get stuck.  You will be dealing with real people. You don’t have to learn from expensive experience. Learn from them instead!   

From product research to sales tax and everything in between, their educational guides will show you how to wheel and deal in this fancy online world  You know there’s money to be made out there.  Just learn how to do it. 

Colette ---
"I’m coming up on one year with SaleHoo. It was a great find over the Internet while trying to learn the ins and outs of wholesale buying.

I liked what SaleHoo had to offer so I signed up. And I'm glad I did. SaleHoo has been a huge source of wholesale companies and informative articles relating to things I need to know for my business and growth. I especially appreciate the emails letting me know of upcoming events or newly posted articles.

When I first started looking for wholesale suppliers on SaleHoo there were two items I mainly focused on: my love of mechanical clocks and pocket watches and the elegant beauty of finely crafted wood products.

Almost from the beginning I stumbled across a wholesale supplier in my own province that made handcrafted wooden wristwatches. I placed a small first order and they turned out to be stunning.

Because my business is home-based I can work and take care of my family. As long as the power doesn’t go out or the Internet go down, I’m here to take care of my buyers.

It may be a cliché but I strongly recommend that new sellers find a product they truly enjoy working with. Once the routine of work sets in you’re going to be dealing with products and prep work over and over.

The funny thing is I never dreamed I’d be an online entrepreneur. I started out on eBay over two years ago selling things we didn’t use around the house any more. And I got hooked. Once everything was sold, if I wanted to continue selling then I was going to have to become a legitimate business and purchase product to sell. That is where SaleHoo has been truly valuable."
Colette (Topcat2x2) Colettes Store